Upgrade Your Old Garage Floor

Find out about our garage flooring installation services in the Holden, Bucksport, Bar Harbor, Bangor or Hermon, ME area

You can enjoy a stunning and durable finished floor every time you walk or drive on your garage floor. With plenty of color choices you can match any color combination and even add some custom touches to make it your own. Host gatherings there and keep the house clean. Afterwards, sweep and mop or hose it out. This is not just for a man cave, women absolutely love driving into a finished garage too. Whether working on cars, equipment, building something, or having a barbecue on a rainy day, this extension of your home will stay cleaner and so will you.

Coastal Concrete Coating company, based in Bucksport, ME provides polyaspartic garage flooring installation services, so you can get a floor that's beautiful and holds up to heavy foot traffic and driving. Go to the Photo Gallery page now to see some examples of our flooring installations.

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Understand our efficient process

The whole garage floor coating process can take less than a day. You can return your cars to your garage shortly after the installation process complete. In in as little as 1 day, our team can:

  • Repair damaged areas before cotating
  • Use industrial grinders to prepare your concrete floor
  • All grinders are connected to a HEPA filtered vacuum system to keep dust to a minimum
  • Apply our polyaspartic garage floor coating with color chips
  • Finish your garage floor with a top coat


Ready to get started on your garage flooring installation? Contact a local garage floor coating installer at Coastal Concrete Coating right away.